Sound Track Research

This is the first of the two soundtracks I am going to research. This soundtrack is from the psychological thriller, “Phone Booth”, and is called, “Center of Attention”. The soundtrack as a whole never really kicks into a rhythmic beat, with irregular patterns which ultimately reflects the mindset of the character throughout the whole of the ordeal in Phone Booth. This is beacuse throughout the ordeal, the character does not know what decisions to make and what to do as he is under intense pressure that he struggles to handle. This stress is intensified in the soundtrack through the use of an irregular sounding synthesizer which is used to represent the characte’s battle against the stress he is under. In addition, apart from the synthesizer, there isn’t one instrument that is the same throughout. This could be interpreted that the synthesizer symbolises the charcater’s mind, and all the other instruments represent the problems that he faces, with the louder instruments symbolising a bigger threat.
This soundtrack is really helpful for the development of a soundtrack for our piece as they are both psychological thrillers. The eerie sense created is something that we definitely want to implement into our soundtrack to reflect the unstable state of the boy’s mind, and the perculiarity of the objects he packs into his schoolbag.

The second of the soundtracks I am going to research is from arguably one of the best thriller movies of this decade, “Batman: The Dark Knight”. Throughout the soundtrack, there is a orchestra creating a sort of train-like effect, representing the flow of destruction The Joker was leaving in his wake as he ripped through the city. Furthermore, the pace of the train-like effect seemed to increase as the soundtrack went on. The trumpets symbolise the Batman trying to prevent and stop The Joker, and the recurrance of the trumpets represents how the Batman keeps attmepting to stop The Joker, and the trumpets stop after the train-like effect, representing the Batman winning his battle to stop The Joker.
This soundtrack isn’t as helpful for us as that of Phone Booth, as The Dark Knight isn’t a psychological thriller, which makes it less relevant to our piece. However, there are many techniques that we should consider in our soundtrack that are shown in the soundtrack for The Dark Knight. The best technique I think is used and we should try to implement into our soundtrack is the layering effect. We could use this to intensify the boys feelings leading up to the suicide.


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