Thriller Rough Cut And Shooting Experience

Rough Cut

Shooting Experience
The thriller shooting experience was a very new and exciting concept for me and my group. Although we had made short videos before, none of them were as in-depth as what we had been asked to shoot. We had done lots of primary and secondary research and had an animatic storyboard as a guideline. It was now merely down to making sure everyone was available to shoot and we had a proper location and equipment with which to do so.

Borrowing the equipment form the media department was relatively easy, we simply booked in a time we could use the cameras and tripods. We did however have to make sure we booked the apparatus at a time we were all able to film at the location. When writing our transcript we had a few setting in mind, however they would all be tricky to get permission because we needed to film the actor falling into a swimming pool. Thankfully we had a friend who conveniently had a swimming pool in his house and he was more than willing to let us film there. We scheduled in a time that was appropriate for him and made sure we would have enough time at the location to get all of our footage complete.

When filming we faced minor problems that we had anticipated might happen, for example the camera we borrowed stopped working when we reached the location, however we were equipped with two cameras and used the reserve camera instead. Also, half way through our filming experience we suffered from low battery in one of the cameras but once again we were prepared for such an event and had a camera charger. We took a break and let the camera charge until we were able to shoot again.

While filming we were relatively slow to start with but with help from our animatic storyboard we soon sped up the process and starting to get some good shots. We also ended up taking many more shots of what we felt would fit in nicely to our piece. We had minor disagreements over certain shots but because we were in a group of three, someone always had a deciding vote. In some cases if someone felt strongly about a certain shot and the other two disagreed we still captured the footage to see how it would look.

We had foreseen that it may be likely that we would have to shoot more than once at the location after looking over our footage and there were definitely places where we felt lacked adequate recording. But again there were no real problems while shooting and everything went to plan. We were now happy with the footage we had and felt that it was enough to embed into our video for our final thriller opening.

Overall, it was a satisfying shooting experience and we learnt a lot for future videos. Our main problem came from our animatic storyboard. We slightly overcomplicated it and some of the shots we found too challenging for the equipment we had. That aside, much of what we aimed to achieve was successful and we were all very happy with the outcome.


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